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Our ONE DAY PRICING will get you the estimate you need NOW!

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To help our communities with during this unprecedented time in LA, we at Iconic Construction are temporarily offering 10% off of our regular pricing for roofing.

Fixing the Roof


Don't need an entire replacement?  We've got you covered...literally, we can fix the small damage if that is all you need at this time.



Do you just need a company to do emergency tarping for the time being? 

That's us...We can do it immediately!

Contact us now.

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When it comes to your roofing and construction project needs, we KNOW you have to have a completely responsive general contractor.
We Will Go To Great Lengths To Insure That We Do Your Project Right, The First Time.

Our One Day Pricing Will Get You The Estimate You Need For Your New Home Renovation. We Are Local, Licensed, And Insured With Over 10+ Years Of Experience In Home Repair. We Are Dedicated To Customer Service So We Handle Your Insurance From Start To Finish.

(228) 209-7969


Country Style Home


Does your home or building need to be reconstructed or restored to an earlier state? We can handle it.

Contact us to get a quote.

Fridge Replacement


Needa new kitchen? Need a new bathroom? Have you decided to remodel your living room, bedroom or other aspects of your home? Contact us today.

Image by Nolan Issac


Have you suffered damage from a natural disaster? Do you have mold or water damage?  Does your siding need repaired?

The needs are endless, call us today.

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